Sign Up in 60 Seconds. Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel at Any Time. No Credit Card Required.


          • 1 Editor (additional users may be added)
          • No Reviewers
          • Unlimited Projects
          • 1GB Storage per Editor
          • Stencil Library Access

          $29 / month

          Per Editor

          Start Free Trial


          • 1 Editor (additional users may be added)
          • 10 Reviewers per Project
          • Unlimited Projects
          • 2GB Storage per Editor
          • Stencil Library Access

          $49 / month

          Per Editor

          Start Free Trial


          • 1 Editor (additional users may be added)
          • Unlimited Reviewers
          • Unlimited Projects
          • 5GB Storage per Editor
          • Stencil Library Access
          • Business Only Features

          $59 / month

          Per Editor

          Start Free Trial
          Looking for free? Try ProtoShare for Google Drive. It doesn't have all of ProtoShare's features, but is a great way to get started prototyping.


          Prices are per month or per year, as applicable, and are billed at the beginning of the term. Annual prices are 12 months for the price of 10. Discounts are available on Business plans with 5 or more Editors.


          Editors create and edit wireframes and prototypes. More editors can be added to any plan at any point.


          Reviewers only participate in the discussions. They can add comments but they cannot create or edit wireframes and prototypes.


          Projects are groups of wireframes, prototypes, and associated users. All plans include unlimited projects.

          Web Storage

          Web Storage consists of wireframes, prototypes, assets and discussions.

          Training Services

          Two Hour Onboard Training Sessions are available for $250. Please contact us for more information about a Product Demo or Advanced Training Services.

          Plans & Pricing FAQ

          As shown above, ProtoShare Professional and Standard Plans have fewer features than Business.

          Additional Business Features include:

          Annual Business Plan Extras available on request:

          • White-Labeling
          • Always-on SSL
          • Self-Hosting
          • Free One Hour Training Session (with 5 or more editors)

          Site9, Inc. offers you a free 30-day trial of the ProtoShare plan you select. Your trial has all ProtoShare features except for the export functionality. This is a risk-free trial to evaluate the benefits of ProtoShare. No fees. No problems.

          There is no limit on how many people can use or simultaneously access ProtoShare, but Page and Template editing are intended as single user activities. ProtoShare offers different privilege levels for users, from Reviewers to Editors to Account Managers. For more information on user levels, see the ProtoShare User Guide.

          ProtoShare uses industry-standard SSL security, similar to eCommerce sites, financial institutions, and other secure web-based (SaaS) software solutions. All of your work, including the interactive wireframe, are password-protected and require a login to access. Additionally, a national IT service provider, in a certified safe and secure environment, hosts and backs up all of your data.

          You can easily cancel your account within ProtoShare. To cancel your account, select Billing Details (from the dashboard in your ProtoShare site), and in the plan details section, you'll see the "Cancel My Account" link. Please Note: with monthly billing, you must cancel your account before your monthly renewal date, or you will be invoiced for the entire month.

          During your free 30-day trial, you can upgrade or switch your ProtoShare plan at any time. Upgrading plans after the free trial period will result in an immediate pro-rated charge for the billing period in which you upgrade. Downgrading your plan will take effect immediately.

          To increase or decrease Editor seats, change plans, go from monthly to annual billing, update credit card information, and other plan changes, go to the Billing Details tab in your ProtoShare account or contact Customer Service.

          We've Got Answers.
          Product Demo &
          Training Services
          Interested in a Product Demo or Training Services? Please contact us for more information about a Free 1 hour Product Demo or Paid Advanced Training Services. Request Form
          Our Clients Fortune 500 companies, interactive agencies, non-profits, schools & universities use ProtoShare every day.
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