Powerful Prototyping Made Easy.


          Creating wireframes is easy with the ProtoShare wireframing tool. You can use ProtoShare’s component palette, the prebuilt wireframe stencils library or your own images & designs for your project. You can also create a library of reusable Templates, Masters, and Assets for increased productivity and consistency across teams and projects.

          Start out simple with grey box wireframes so team members and stakeholders can visualize ideas early in the process. Use the built in collaboration for feedback, idea generation and to document decisions. If a high fidelity, fully-fledged prototype is needed, you can create a pixel perfect project that functions like a real website or application.

          Streamline Your Work

          Save time by re-using work created in ProtoShare. Build Masters and Templates to use across pages, or even across projects. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop wireframe editor with a large and growing Stencils and Widgets Library makes prototyping fast and simple.

          Easily Add Interactions

          States enable quick and easy creation of simple to complex interactions like pop-ups, light boxes, carousels, tabbed panels, and much more. Want a quick solution? Just drag and drop library items directly onto your canvas to make use of our fully-interactive widgets.

          Build Mobile Prototypes

          Quickly create interactive mobile prototypes that users can experience directy on their mobile device. Use pre-configured mobile screen guides for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and pre-built mobile Stencils & Widgets to simulate animated transitions to rapidly generate your mobile app.

          Keep Existing Processes

          ProtoShare is easily incorporated into your existing process and will help improve efficiency. Every screen, page, annotation and discussion topic has a unique URL. Link directly to your prototypes from JIRA, Rally, and other project management & tracking software.


          If you're not sharing, you're not prototyping. Early project collaboration through ideation and prototyping ensures your team will create better solutions and reduce project waste and rework. ProtoShare improves your creative process through managed collaboration. Share ideas, gather feedback and refine designs. Make decisions. Build spectacular solutions. ProtoShare supports low, medium and high-fidelity prototypes, clickable comps, and live views for collaboration.

          Share & Discuss

          Collaborate with your team and clients using real-time discussions. You can direct topics to only the stakeholders that need to be involved. As topics are added, participants receive email notification of a new topic with a link directly into the specific project and topic.

          Pinpoint Feedback

          Red pushpins represent comments and topics of discussion on a design. When you collaborate with others on a project in ProtoShare, you can add topic pins or respond to other people’s topic pins. All discussions for the current project can be found in the Topics panel.

          Synchronize Teams

          Keep everyone up to speed on proposed designs by allowing them to contribute to the process using the powerful collaboration that ProtoShare offers. All stakeholders can work in the same environment at the same time, or on their own schedules and all feedback is stored in a single location.

          Make Decisions

          Having feedback in one location allows you to mark topics with decisions and resolutions. There can be multiple decisions in a discussion thread but only one resolution. A resolved topic means it is closed to further commenting and all decisions have been made.



          • Web-based; no software to download
          • Create low-to-high fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes for web, mobile and tablet
          • Online Service works on Mac or PC
          • Support for Chrome, Safari and Firefox (and IE for Reviewers)
          • Unlimited projects
          • Unlimited pages per project
          • Multiple designs per page
          • Every screen, page, annotation and discussion topic has its own unique URL, which can be used for tracking in project management or bug-tracking software
          • Underlying ProtoShare HMTL, CSS and JavaScript is reference and “starting point” for developers
          • White-labeled version available (Business Edition only)
          • Convenient dashboard to track status of discussions and projects
          • Outstanding Customer Service


          • Prototypes in HTML, CSS and JavaScript; not Flash-based
          • Drag-and-drop components
          • Advanced HTML component, allowing creation of custom components in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
          • Laser guides
          • Keyboard shortcuts to speed up prototype creation
          • Create rich on-page interactivity, not just links of static pages
          • Public Stencils and Widgets Library to enable quick creation of interactive components
          • Broad ability to customize appearance of components
          • Ability to create “Annotations” on prototypes
          • Unlimited color palette, wide font selection, shapes, animation, shading and much more
          • Ability to use Google Fonts
          • Work can be saved and re-used as a Master or Template
          • Display .jpg, .png, .gif, .swf files as part of prototype
          • Version control (Business Edition only)
          • Screen guides for mobile and tablet devices (Business Edition only)
          • Ability to control permission levels of Editors in ProtoShare


          • Advanced collaboration within “Review” interface
          • Ability of “reviewers” to interact with prototype, create discussion topics, and make and respond to comments
          • Keep all project discussion in one central location
          • Email notification for topic subscribers of new topics and comments
          • Ability to scope topics to particular Reviewers, allowing Editors to control which topics reviewers can and cannot see
          • Mark topics in ProtoShare Review as “decided” and “resolved”
          • Unlimited Reviewers at no additional cost (Business Edition only)
          • Read/unread status on Reviewer comments


          • Export mobile prototype for view on relevant device (Business Edition only)
          • Viewable on Android and iOS


          • Export prototype to a detailed Word spec document
          • Export prototype designs as .PNG images
          • Export prototype to an HTML archive or a hosted URL
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